Xobni – A Must For Every Outlook User

I have been meaning to review Xobni (“Inbox” backwards – it took me forever to figure that out) for a while now. The delay can be blamed on the fact that I have been using Xobni so much, I haven’t had the time. This is one of the only pieces of software that I shelled out cash to get the premium version, because it is just that good.


Jailbroken iPhone and iPod Users – CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

There have been many reports around the web about hackers who access people’s jailbroken iPhones and iPods and lock them up. They are able to do so because when you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a default password that is set. Hackers can use this password and lock up your device. In order to prevent this, take 3 mins and change your passwords. Instructions below:


Waze coming to Windows Mobile and Symbian

The user generated GPS program Waze is coming to to Windows Mobile and Symbian. I have been using the Israeli version for a while now and I am a big fan. The software allows you to report on traffic jams, police presence etc as well as provide navigation services. They already have an iPhone and Android app and they are opening the alpha for Windows Mobile and Symbian and are looking for a alpha testers so sign up here if you need some help beating traffic http://www.waze.com/alpha_register/


The Power of Social Media – “United Breaks Guitars”

Many people claim social media is really not all that powerful. They will claim that bloggers get paid attention to because they have an audience, but that does not mean anything for the simple person who does not have thousands of people following them on Twitter or Facebook. This incident proves otherwise. This story is a clear indication of how the Web is changing the world. This story should be an inspiration to anyone who has ever experienced poor customer service. It should teach you to not sit back and take it…So here it is…


CrowdA – Share the Money With Those Who Make It.

CrowdA is a new service aiming to provide User-Generated-Content websites with an ability to share ad revenues with their members (content contributors). The CrowdA service can be used on online message boards, wikis, blogger sites, video hosting and other types of online communities that earn money through placing banners, and would like to share the revenues with the content contributors.


What Happened to Twitter?

Where do I start this one? I am going to keep this simple and try to make my point.
Ashton Kutcher made a one sided bet with CNN’s Ted Tuner to see who going to get to 1 million followers first on Twitter. It started out cute and funny but got out of hand with all the media attention it drew…