12 Israeli Power Couples or Sibling Duos Disrupting Tech on a Global Scale

As Israeli tech continues to evolve from Startup Nation to something a bit more mature, call it Scale-up Nation or Unicorn Nation, I become aware of more and more remarkable people doing extraordinary things to disrupt and enhance our lives.Over the past few years, I have noticed a growing number of couples and siblings who are doing some incredible things and since Israelis are so good at tech and so weak at marketing (Yes, I am generalizing.), chances are you never even heard of half these people, so I figured I would highlight them.


I Failed. Again.

I hereby announce a new trend. Failure. So many events talking about how entrepreneurs failed. Every interviewer now asks about your biggest failures. It’s a thing. Failure. But how many of us really embrace our failures. How many of us are ashamed by our failures and how many of us actually capitalize on them to learn lessons? Well, I know it took me a while to write this post and even as I write these words, I’m not 100% convinced that I will publish it.


The One Sentence that Transforms Every Business Conversation from Awkward to Awesome

I am writing a book. I have no idea when I will finish writing the book or if and when it will be published, but I am writing a book. The thing is, this post? There is a whole chapter in the book dedicated to it. So isn’t this post redundant? Well, if this post is redundant, most of my talks, my blog posts, and my social updates are redundant. The way I see it, the book is the culmination of my thoughts on business, many of which I have shared elsewhere.