Above the Fuld: This Week’s Tech in 30 Seconds (Aug 1st- 7th)

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By: Hillel Fuld

It is that time of the week again. If you did not see last week’s post, you can read about it here to understand what these weekly posts are about. This week there was some super interesting news in the tech space such a new iPhone Twitter app that puts all others to shame. Speaking of shame, Amazon, assuming this story is true about the company’s appstore, should be ashamed of themselves. You can read all about it below and more.

Tweetfire, a new Twitter iPhone app takes the community by storm: I have been using Tweetfire for a week now, and all I can say is, Wow, this thing is fast!

Shame on you, Amazon: This is truly an unbelievable story about the Amazon Android appstore and how the company treats developers.

App Developers must read this: This is my guest post on Mobile Entertainment about why mobile advertising is the way to go.

– Skype surprised us all this week with the release, the removal, and the rerelease of its iPad app: Having said that, the new app was worth the wait.

More about Mobile advertising: These are some crucial points every mobile developer should know about.

GetJar Continues to Dominate: GetJar, the largest independent app store has just announced the two billion downloads milestone.

Some tips on how to decide who to follow on Twitter: Some methods on deciding who to follow and this amazing new service.


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Hillel Fuld is a global speaker, entrepreneur, journalist, vlogger, and leading startup advisor. He brings over a decade of marketing experience with leading Israeli and Silicon Valley startups, and currently collaborates with many global brands in an official marketing capacity including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Huawei, and others.      Hillel covers the dynamic local tech scene for many leading publications including Entrepreneur magazine, Inc, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and others. Additionally, Hillel mentors startups across Israel in different accelerators including The Google Launchpad, the Microsoft Ventures accelerator, Techstars, The Junction, and more.    Hillel has been named Israel’s top marketer, 7th top tech blogger worldwide, has been featured on CNBC, Inc, and was dubbed by Forbes as “The Man Transforming Startup Nation into Scale-up Nation”.       Hillel has hundreds of thousands of followers across the social web and can be found on Twitter at @Hilzfuld. You can learn more about him on his website: www.hilzfuld.com