Big Week for Kevin Rose & the iPhone

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serial_2102157Wow, there has been a lot going on over the last few days, and being overwhelmed with all the news, as well as my constant tweeting, I was the victim of very severe Blogger’s Block. So I finally just decided to get over it and write my thoughts down for you.

Let’s start with, you guessed it, Twitter. I really cannot cover everything that has transpired this week in Twittersville, the amount of interesting articles shared, videos watched, and great debates and discussions in which I participated, is pretty much endless. So, I will try to focus on one new very important development that is bound to change the way we interact with Twitter and our followers.

If there is one person that when launching a new service, you know it will be successful, it is the founder of Digg, host of Diggnation, and one of my online role models, Kevin Rose (What? He’s a really nice guy!). Everything this guy touches turns to gold. This week he launched a new Twitter service called Wefollow. Let me back up a little. Anyone that has spent more than two seconds with me was sure to have experienced my Twitter sales pitch. If you were around me and I did not convince you to join Twitter, then you must be talking about a different Hillel Fuld.


I have successfully drafted many to the world of Twitter, only to then be asked the same question time and time again “Where do I get followers and how do I know who to follow?” Well, thanks to Kevin Rose, look no more. Wefollow categorizes tweeple by the tags they give themselves. So for example, I sent in to Wefollow the tags Blogger, Tech, Marketing, and Mobile (there was a three tag limit originally, but it seems to have been lifted). So if you are looking to build yourself a real estate network on Twitter for example, just look at the top Tweeple on Wefollow under the real estate category and choose who to follow, it’s as simple as that.


Which leads me to my next point. The list of tweeple in a certain category is sorted by the number of followers the person has. I can go on for a long time about the beauty of this service, but let’s just say, when now asked that famous question, I do not have to struggle explaining the ins and outs anymore, I just send the link to Wefollow and they’re set.

Moving on, and speaking of Kevin Rose, he also had an interesting week in a totally different area. What’s a good Tech N’ Marketing post without an iPhone mention? OK, it’s true, I talk about it a lot, but this time is different, the iPhone actually deserves some attention this week. Rose made some predictions about the newly announced iPhone software, a few hours before it was announced. It seems now that he was right about the lack of background apps, and the addition of copy and paste, but dude, no MMS? Sorry, you missed that, the new iPhone has MMS capabilities.

Anyway, as you all know the new iPhone OS was announced this week, and it is pretty awesome. It pretty much has everything it was missing, although I have to say, it is a sad day when copy and paste gets so many people excited. Anyway, for me the coolest part of the new iPhone is hands down the push notifications for all apps. It basically means you have the advantages of background apps without the disadvantage of your battery going bye bye after 80% less time.


Anyway, I am not going to go on about the 1000 new APIs or the hundreds of new features, just enjoy the walkthrough in the below video.


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