Sources: Nokia to Abandon Symbian/Meego, Adopt Windows Phone 7, and Move its HQ to U.S!

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By: Hillel Fuld

Rueters is reporting that Nokia is expected to announce a reshuffling of the executive team at its event on the 11th. According to some very very reliable sources, I have some different information about what we can expect to hear at the February 11th event.

My sources tell me that Nokia is officially abandoning its Symbian OS, which is no surprise to anyone, but what is a surprise is that it is also ditching its plans for the future of Meego (they might do this part in stages). I am told Nokia will adopt Windows Phone 7 across the board.

I am also told they will officially announce their new headquarters in the US (probably Sillicon Valley), another huge piece of news for the proud Finnish company.

Obviously, none of this is confirmed by Nokia itself, but as I said, my source is a reliable one and has a direct channel to the people who would know of such an announcement.

In addition, this actually makes a lot of sense with Nokia excelling in the hardware department and Windows Phone 7 impressing on the software front. In addition, the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem’s largest challenge is the developer community and with Nokia adopting the Windows OS, this is very much a step in the right direction for both companies.

Again, this is not officially confirmed, but it coming from high up and the whole thing makes a little too much sense for it not be true, but I guess we will know more in a week.

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