The iPhone 3GS Does Not Disappoint

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So, as you probably saw from my last post, I was watching this year’s WWDC very closely. Like many other people, I was very excited to see and hear what Apple would do this time. They started off by introducing their new Macbook lineup, which basically renamed any Macbook made out of aluminum and called them all Macbook Pros. This is a very interesting move and I hope it is an indication that something is on the way, something in the form of a tablet.


But, let’s be honest, we were all waiting for the big iPhone news. As always, the Web was FILLED with rumors regarding the next generation iPhone for weeks now, so it was time to finally hear which rumors were true and which were just wishful thinking.  Some of the big question marks regarding the new iPhone were what the hardware would look like, would it have a second camera for video calling, would it sport an OLED screen, and some other goodies. Well, most of the rumors regarding the externals of the new iPhone turned out to be false, no matte backing, no OLED screen, no lit up Apple logo, all just rumors.


Click the image to see a roundup of ALL the rumors!

So, was it a disappointment? Absolutely not! The new iPhone includes over 1000 new APIs and 100 new feature in its new software alone. I have been using the new software for days now, and let me tell you, it is every drop of awesome. The copy and paste is implemented in a seamless and brilliant way, a way only Apple knows how. The new features all work perfectly, whether it be the language support (a lot of new languages), the built in landscape keyboard, the shake to shuffle, and the absolutely ingenious incorporated Spotlight search. Somehow, everything Apple does leaves you thinking “How did I not think of that? It’s just so obvious”!


But it is NOT all software. The new iPhone finally has a respectable, although not groundbreaking camera. 3mp auto focus WITH a built-in camcorder aint  so shabby.The phone now has almost double the power when it comes to processing speed, as if the iPhone 3G was not fast enough. The new iPhone has 256MB of RAM and a 600MHz CPU as opposed to 128MB and 412MHz in the first two generations. I just do not get  how it can be any faster.

apple-iphone-3gs_1420332iThe bottom line is that, and this is just my opinion feel free to disagree in the comments,  the new iPhone just reiterates my initial opinion about the revolution that is the iPhone. I say this to anyone who will listen, the iPhone, with all its shortcomings (although most were solved in this new version), and it has a few left, is still the most advanced cellular device on the planet. What I mean to say is that yes, the N97 has more features, and so does the Omnia HD, but taking the app store and its UI into account, it offers the best overall package of any mobile device.


As for the event itself, I have a few questions I would love to ask Apple. Why do they not stream the keynote live? Where was Steve Jobs? Why do you have to have so many app developers demo their products especially when 75% of them fail on stage? And many more…


When it comes to the new iPhone, I am jumping on board, like I said I would,  and trying to get my hands on one as soon as humanly possible, and I would recommend you do the same!


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5 thoughts on “The iPhone 3GS Does Not Disappoint

  1. Great review, and yes, just like you, I plan to get one as I soon as I possibly can. With the improved camera with built in zoom, the cam-corder, 50-thousand apps and climbing, and the freaking speed, how could I resist!

  2. Don, thanks for reading and commenting…Now I just need to figure out HOW to get my hands on it, since I do not live in the US…Know anyone who has AT&T and wants to help out a struggling blogger? 🙂 Keep reading!

  3. I have last week picked up an iPhone 3GS. I was surprised by the quality of the device. The iPhone 3GS is a lot faster in-terms of accessing data over the internet compared to the last edition of the device.

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