Jailbroken iPhone and iPod Users – CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS!

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There have been many reports around the web about hackers who access people’s jailbroken iPhones and iPods and lock them up. They are able to do so because when you jailbreak your iPhone or iPod Touch, there is a default password that is set. Hackers can use this password and lock up your device. In order to prevent this, take 3 mins and change your passwords.  Instructions below:

How to change your iPhone root password:

Step 1: If you haven’t installed MobileTerminal yet, go to Cydia and look for “MobileTerminal” and install the app, then reboot your iPhone.

Step 2: Lanch MobileTerminal and type su and hit return.

Step 3: You will be asked to enter your current password. Your default password is alpine so, type alpine and hit return.

Step 4: You are now inside your iPhone. We are now going to change the root password. Typepasswd and hit return. Make sure you type passwd correctly.

Step 5: You will be aske to enter a new password. Type whatever you want for your new password and hit return.

Step 6: You will be asked to enter your new password again. Do that and hit return.

That’s it. You have successfully changed your iPhone root password. Make sure you don’t forget it!

But mainly if you dont have Open SSH installed or running dont worry !

Thanks to  9to5mac.com for the instructions


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