Remember The Milk

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How many times have you forgotten to buy milk? RTM is a really nice, easy to use task reminder/ fully integrated to do list. All the regular functions are included like due date, importance, groups etc. They also use Google Gears so that you have full offline access to the account. Location based tasks are very useful also. You can set where the task needs to get done using Google Maps or GPS. They just came out with an iPhone app which is really nice because it syncs with the Web app. The sync is really great because Steve Jobs decided to leave out a todo list or tasks function from the iPhone. I have no idea why this feature was left out, most smart phones have active sync which allows them to sync all Microsoft Exchange items including tasks.

The reall beauty lies in their integration with other platforms like iGoogle, Google Calendar, Twitter, Gmail, Blackberry and so many more. With there API they have been able to do some really neat stuff.

So a little about the Twitter integration, all you need to do is to follow RTM on Twitter and they provide a verification code to Identify you. Once that is set up all you need to do is to direct message RTM a task like ” meeting tomorrow with Steve at 7am” and it will automatically add the task to RTM and it works like a charm.

Try it out and let me know what you think.


Here are some screen shots:

iPhone app:                                Gmail Widget



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