And the Top Spot on the List of Most Annoying Things that Happen on the Social Web Goes To…

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By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

Over the years, I have ranted quite a bit about different types of behavior that annoy me on the social web. Things like group tagging on Facebook or Twitter, begging for likes or retweets, and others. It was time for another addition to the “Please don’t ever do this on social media. Ever” list.


As a person who tries to produce content as often as possible, this topic is a very relevant one, but the truth is, in the era of Twitter, Vine, Instagram, and Facebook, we are all content producers in one way or another, so this issue pretty much applies across the board.

Listen, I get it, if a YouTube video doesn’t start playing in 2 seconds, you are outta there. If I can’t summarize my entire being in 160 characters, then I am not worth investing the energy required to click Follow. None of us have patience today, I get it. The truth is, I am the worst of the bunch and if you cannot summarize a thought concisely, then yes, you might just lose me.


However, and this is a very important point so sit down, there is a fine line between wanting to know something right here and right now, and being downright rude. “Get to the point! What are you complaining about this time?”

I will tell you. If I invested the time and effort to write an article and I posted it on Facebook or Twitter where we happen to be connected, can we agree on a little something? Before you comment how wrong and stupid I am for my opinion, which I shared in the small paragraph I posted on Facebook encouraging you to click through and read my post, how about you read my post?


You know, read the post you are commenting on and dismissing before doing so. Crazy talk, I know. But really, not a day goes by on which someone does not comment on a post I wrote based on what they THINK the post says because again, who has patience to actually click though and read the thing before commenting, right?

Now, to be clear, if you are not active on social media, this behavior will surely seem strange to you. “What do you mean someone expresses their opinion on a topic before even reading the actual content with which they are disagreeing?” Yes, you got that right and yes, it is bizarre behavior, but it is also a daily occurrence.

In fact, I will take it one step further. This also happens quite often. I share a post on Facebook or Twitter and again, before reading it, someone asks me a question about the very topic I just covered in my post. Of course, the answer to that question is, wait for it, in the post itself but that person would never know that because asking me the question is a whole lot easier than clicking through and reading it. Sigh…


I am not even going to go near people who ask basic questions on Twitter when the answer is six key strokes away. G…O…O…G…L…E! For those people, I thank the lords of the interwebs for this fantastic website.

Anyway, to summarize, if you don’t want to read my writing, well you don’t know what you’re missing but I can’t force you to… Not yet, at least. But if you are not going to read it, may I request that you don’t troll my posts by disagreeing with the content that you didn’t even bother to read?

Which reminds me, what is with internet trolling? Oh boy, I know what my next post will be about… Like, who writes tweets like the ones in the video below? What is wrong with people?! That is all for now

Rant over! For now…

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Hillel Fuld is a global speaker, entrepreneur, journalist, vlogger, and leading startup advisor. He brings over a decade of marketing experience with leading Israeli and Silicon Valley startups, and currently collaborates with many global brands in an official marketing capacity including Google, Oracle, Microsoft, Huawei, and others.      Hillel covers the dynamic local tech scene for many leading publications including Entrepreneur magazine, Inc, TechCrunch, Mashable, The Next Web, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, Venturebeat, and others. Additionally, Hillel mentors startups across Israel in different accelerators including The Google Launchpad, the Microsoft Ventures accelerator, Techstars, The Junction, and more.    Hillel has been named Israel’s top marketer, 7th top tech blogger worldwide, has been featured on CNBC, Inc, and was dubbed by Forbes as “The Man Transforming Startup Nation into Scale-up Nation”.       Hillel has hundreds of thousands of followers across the social web and can be found on Twitter at @Hilzfuld. You can learn more about him on his website: