Come on Microsoft – Who Made This?

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Microsoft released a new product called Songsmith, an application that helps you write your own songs for PC only. In concept it’s a cute app but after you watch this ad I wouldn’t go near it, ever. Besides the fact that the ad is incredibly painful, they use a MacBook Pro as the computer they are demonstrating the program on. They try to cover it up with a few stickers, but this is really shocking. Who is responsible for this ad???


Source- TechCrunch

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15 thoughts on “Come on Microsoft – Who Made This?

  1. If they are using a Macbook Pro, why not use Garage Band instead? It comes freely installed on the computer and I’m quite sure would kick Microsoft’s rippoff anytime.

  2. It’s rather well known that MS did this on purpose. They figured that bloggers would point this out, giving them all sorts of free publicity for their new, Windows-only software.

    Congratulations! You’ve fallen into their trap and become part of the viral marketing effort for this software. You ought to write them and demand money for being part of their advertising campaign.

    1. Don and Mike – If I fell for it so did TechCrunch. I stand corrected. Thanks for pointing that out.
      But MacDailyNews said that “Trusted sources” told them they did it on purpose. Does anyone have any sources to this claim??

      Don- send me their email so I can get my share. 🙂

  3. I don’t know what you guys are kvetching about. I thought it was very cute. Especially the daddy learning from his very bright little girl. Come on, loosen up, you all. Maybe *you* have a song inside of you, just plotzing to get out. Nu?

  4. Um, what’s the problem with Windows on a MacBook? Windows doesn’t own the rights to PCs and if people install Windows on MacBooks using parallels or Boot Camp it’s only good for MS. So again, WHO CARES that it’s on a MacBook?

    1. Who cares that its on a MacBook??? Its a Microsoft advertisement, and they are using a Mac!! Its like showing a Toyota in a Honda seat cover ad.

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