CrowdA – Share the Money With Those Who Make It.

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Hi All,

This one is a little different then our regular posts but I think many people will value from reading about CrowdA.

CrowdA is a new service aiming to provide User-Generated-Content websites with an ability to share ad revenues with their members (content contributors). The  CrowdA service can be used on online message boards, wikis, blogger sites, video hosting and other types of online communities that earn money through placing banners, and would like to share the revenues with the content contributors.

The idea of sharing advertising proceeds with site members is not new, there are quite a bit of sites in various domains that have adopted it a in the recent years. Most of these sites have implemented their own approaches for sharing the ad revenues, which required from them a significant effort for building the capabilities to maintain the contributor accounts, ad rev share calculation, and the payout. CrowdA caters a suite of services that allow the publishers to completely outsource these activities.

The  CrowdA service is a risk-free solution letting UGC site publishers increase their site traffic through getting high quality content from the site members. The content contributors, in turn, are economically motivated to be creative when writing their blogs, posting video clips or just taking part in an online discussion. Both sides – publishers and contributors – need zero amount of initial capital to start making money online. This is ideal for publishers who are afraid of paying up-front for content. Content contributors, as opposed to online affiliate marketers, don’t need to make the initial effort of building and promoting their website – they can start earning the ad revenue share right from the first post they place on a  CrowdA-enabled website.

CrowdA launched a few months ago and is currently looking for publishers to join its beta program. CrowdA can be contacted at


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  1. I’m using them right now for revenue sharing on my social network and so far so good. Once in a while the story page gets bogged up waiting for ads to load but overall it’s been positive experience.

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