A List of Interviews with Superstars Made Possible by Twitter

As you might have noticed, I have been posting interviews lately with some of the shakers of the Web and tech industries. This is something I started doing a while back and chances are, even if you are a dedicated Technmarketing reader, you missed some of my interviews. Many people have asked me for an organized and updated list of everyone I interviewed, so here it is. I will be updating the list as I interview more people.


An Interview with Alyssa Milano: Actress, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, and Twitter Superstar

As a blogger, there are a few very defining moments. This is one of those moments. An interview with Alyssa Milano. Where do I start? Alyssa is one of the few actresses who, as funny as might sound, transcends generations. What I mean is that while I grew up watching Saved by the Bell, my older brother grew up watching the Love Boat (he is ten years older than me), yet we both had crushes on Alyssa Milano growing up. I mean, who did not watch the show “Who’s the Boss”?