The Top Five Reasons Why 3D Has No Future

If, like me, you’ve been following coverage of the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show, you will have noticed that the big trend this year was 3D TV’s. All of the major flat panel manufacturers were in Las Vegas showing off HDTV’s capable of displaying content in 3D. This fact, coupled with the runaway success of James Cameron’s 3D film “Avatar,” has brought the third dimension back into the limelight. With so much buzz around 3D, you might be wondering whether this is the future of cinema. Don’t believe the hype. Here are the top five reasons why 3D has no future:


The First ELSE: A Mobile Phone from The Future (Videos)

I think it is safe to say that the mobile space is heading in the direction of user experience. Mobile operating systems that offer annoying and complicated experiences are just not gonna make it in the long run against names like iPhone and Android. This is true for Symbian, it is true for Windows Mobile (although I hear the newer 6.5 is a huge improvement), and some will say it is true for BlackBerry.


CES is Coming up And We Are There


If you are reading this blog, chances are you know that CES is approaching. You also probably know that MacWorld is upon us, and that Steve Jobs does not have any sort of cancer, just a small curable hormonal imbalance.

Well, I am not a doctor and do not understand Jobs’ condition, and I have no friends at MacWorld, so I will be focusing on CES. I have an old friend that contacted me a few weeks back with a very interesting proposition. He said he is going to CES as a press analyst and he would be glad to represent Tech N Marketing by bringing us the latest and greatest from the show. Zvi is a blogger himself and works in the industry, so I am sure he will have only interesting news for us.


He will be sending us pictures, videos, and info from the show as soon as new products are announced. So, we will finally know more about Nova and other rumors that have been circulating. I told him to focus on Palm, Microsoft, and any other mobile news, along with anything else he deems interesting and blog worthy. If you have specific requests, please leave em in the comments, and I will ask him to focus on them as well.


Anyway, just to tell you a little bit about Zvi, read the following summary.

” I was born in Baltimore and grew up in Israel from 1986. In 1999, I returned to Baltimore and went to Towson University and graduated with a BS in business and finance. I was the credit manager for TESSCO technologies. TESSCO supplies wireless communications, as well as networking products and solutions to business professionals. For the past three and a half years I have been the senior underwriter for Atradius trade credit insurance. My analysis focuses on the consumer electronics, telecommunications,  and semiconductor industries.

I work hand in hand with a handful of major manufacturers and distributors along with many other CE channels. My main focus is credit and finance and the viability of companies making payment on goods and services within the CE industry. I have extensive knowledge in product life cycles, inventory management and SKU information and of course what products are moving in the market.

OK, to sum things up, Zvi knows a lot about a lot, and I am sure he will send us some awesome updates. So check back here regularly during the show for frequent updates, you never know, we might be the first to report a huge announcement by one of the main industry players.



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