HTC Desire Z Packs it All in and Then Some (VIDEO)

I do not dedicate a new post to every Android phone that is announced, that would be pretty difficult. However, some phones are just that good, and they deserve a special mention. I had a few minutes to play with a Samsung Galaxy S last night and was blown away. The phone really impressed me on all levels, hardware and software. My only thought after using the Galaxy S was, “What else could they possibly come up with?”


5 Exciting Mobile Phones Not Made by Apple

As I was browsing through my content over the past few months, I realized that the vast majority of posts are about social media. In fact, if someone only recently started reading my blog, they would never know I was a mobile geek. The truth of the matter is there are mainly two reasons I have written mostly about social media and not mobile developments over the last few months. For starters, it is what interests people and it is what interests me. Social networks and the industry supporting them are evolving and changing daily in a major way. While the mobile industry is booming and there are new phones introduced hourly, there really is nothing new to speak of. The technology is really all the same, some phones have better processors, some better UIs, but all in all, nothing revolutionary. Social media on the other hand is renewing itself on a regular basis.


HTC Strikes Again: WiMAX

I don’t know when it happened, but it seems to me that in the world of cellphone manufacturers, HTC came out of left field, and is now a market dominating player. After announcing highly impressive handsets like the HTC Touch Pro, the ever-so-talked-about G1, and of course my all time favorite, the Touch HD, looks like HTC is wowing us once again with the introduction of the HTC T8290.

The T8290 is yet another full touch screen handset, with a display matching that of the Touch HD, a whopping 480 x 800 pixels, 3.8 inch screen. As if that was not enough, the T8290 offers something else to the consumer, something that its competitors do not, WiMAX!

WiMAX, for all of you who have not heard, is the next big thing. It enables you to connect to broadband, just like a WiFi hotspot, with one major difference. A WiMAX signal has a 30 mile radius. That means if you are within 30 miles of a WiMAX tower, you can surf the Web at speeds even higher than the ones we use today.

Anyway, this is the kind of phone that can change the way we think completely. Let’s hope other manufacturers follow in the path of HTC, both in terms of design as well as technology.


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Looks Can be Deceiving: Software vs Hardware

First of all,  I would just like to introduce myself briefly, as I will probably be writing on this blog from time to time. My name is Hillel, and I work as a Technical Writer for a large telecommunications company in Israel. On the side, I am a gadget freak and a tech enthusiast. I am on Twitter under the name hilzfuld. OK now down to business.

I just wanted to throw a little theory out there. This is something that has been going through my head a lot recently, figured I would put it down on “paper”. In the rapidly changing cellular industry, I am noticing a theme that, in my opinion, reached its climax this week. I am referring to the fact that hardware is really becoming less and less important, whereas the operating system on which the phone runs, is becoming a crucial factor. Let me explain. For months, people were talking about the Gphone. This mysterious phone that Google was going to release. Google, however, as usual, was one step ahead of the game, and was not interested in designing the hardware, but rather the operating system, ie. Android. The big competition in the cellular world is no longer who can make the slimmest handset, it has become an ongoing war between huge corporations like Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Symbian (to just name a few in no specific order), who can make the best and smoothest platform or operating system.

This is also very apparent when talking about the IPhone 3G. There were many enhancements included in the second version of the IPhone, but none more talked about then the SDK, or the app store. The enhanced headphone jack or the new slightly rounded sides are not what excited people, or at least not as much as the ability to add applications to the IPhone.

What did I mean about it reaching its climax this week? Well, Palm recently announced the release of their Palm Treo Pro and guess who is not making the hardware for this phone? Palm! They are having HTC design the hardware and they are going to worry strictly about what lies beneath. I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems like a clear indication that this industry is becoming a software-dominated one.


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