Samsung/McCann Digital Use Web 2.0 To Market Omnia

samsung-omnia-1A lot going on in the cellular world lately. Somehow though, even with the iPhone, the G1, and the new Pre, the Samsung Omnia is able to stand its ground. Yes, a lot of these new phone have more bells and whistles, but the Omnia’s feature set still keeps it at the top of the bunch. Just to give you a quick run down, the Omnia boasts a huge 3.2 inch screen (bigger than the Pre), a 5mp camera (better than the iPhone and the Pre COMBINED) with a built in flash (hear that Apple?), insanely fast HSDPA, WiFi, a blazing fast 624 mhz processor (I do not believe anything faster exists), has 8 or 16GB built in memory AND an expansion slot, stereo bluetooth (I am still talking to you Apple), plays DIVX movies, pocket Office, built in GPS, a high quality video camera, and all that in a ridiculously tiny 12.5 mm package (that is 4 mm thinner than the Pre).


I had the chance to play with the Omnia a little and the thing is just beautiful looking, and feels great in your hand. There really is not much missing in terms of the specs. The screen is resistive, not like the iPhone’s but somehow anyone that has reviewed it, cant stop talking about its responsiveness. It runs Windows Mobile 6.1, which is said to be a huge improvement over the older WM5. All in all, we got a winner of a device here.


OK, but there is another reason why I love this phone so much. It is the first phone that Samsung is marketing by using the tool that we have all grown to love so much, social network marketing. Samsung has joined forces with McCann (click on the McCann link to see a really cool ad campaign for Web advertising) digital to market the amazing Omnia using various blogs. One of these blogs is actually one of my favorites; Blonde 2.0. Ayelet writes a lot about the Web 2.0 world and she has acquired for herself quite the reputation amongst the social networking enthusiasts like myself.


Samsung and McCann have cooperated in the past as well, marketing a Samsung SC HMX10 high-def camcorder, but this is the first time they are using this tool with a mobile device, and I am loving it. As a blogger, a social networking addict (click that link to follow me on Twitter), and a mobile lover, I say great initiative from McCann and Samsung. I only hope the campaign is successful and they decide to continue with this concept.


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iPod Touch Users Get Compensation in the Form of CPU

Sorry iPhone-ers

Sorry iPhone-ers

Just as iPod Touch users were starting to feel anger towards Apple and their discriminatory decision to leave Street View out of the Touch’s firmware upgrade, we discovered a little piece of news that changes everything completely. It turns out that the 2nd gen iPod Touch is running a faster processor than the original Touch and… (if you have an iPhone, stop reading here) even the iPhone 3G.

While the original iPod Touch and both iPhones run a 400 MHz CPU and a 100 MHz bus, my baby is packing a 532 MHz CPU and a 133 MHz bus. In English? The new iPod Touch moves faster than the original Touch, as well as both iPhones. So it turns out the built in speaker and the hardware volume controls are not the only enhancements to the new iPod Touch. Nice!

In other big news, Apple is going green. They just released an ad showing how the new Macbook is the greenest Macbook ever. It is so green that it runs on a quarter of the power of a single light bulb and its enclosure is completely recyclable. It is so green that even the arrows in its ad are green. Watch the video below.


Lastly, Gizmodo shared their full review of one of the nicest Windows Mobile touchscreen devices out there, the Samsung Omnia. Just a quick reminder, the Omnia packs a 3.2″ touchscreen display, 3.5G, WiFi 802.11b/g, A2DP, a 5MP cam, all in a sleek12.5 mm thick package. Not bad, right? Gizmodo does not seem to agree. Watch the video here.

You cannot deny the beauty

You Cannot Deny the Beauty

Bottom line is they believe the Storm to be a more “compelling and usable device”. Well, being as the Storm did not do so well itself and is apparently full of bugs, that does not say too much for the Omnia.


If Only its Software Matched up

If Only its Software Matched up

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G1,iPhone, Tube, Omnia, and Apple Updates

A lot of cool things developing today in the cellular world. Just thought I would mention a few of them.

Let’s start with a great and comprehensive article on that compares the iPhone, G1, and Tube. It really puts all aspects of these three handsets to the test. You can read it here, but for all you lazy people who just want to know the conclusion, it was a tie between the iPhone and G1.

He sums it all up by saying:

“Well, which one do we like the most? The iPhone is complete in most areas, the Nokia Tube has some nice touches and decent features, especially in the media and camera section, yet the G1’s Android interface is super-smashing-great.

It’s surprising, but it’s a tie between the G1 and the iPhone at three wins each, and that’s with the G1 not even being nearly at full potential just yet.

The Nokia Tube is good in most areas, but doesn’t quite cut the mustard, especially when it comes to the S60 interface.

So well done to the iPhone and the G1… if you get either of these in your stocking, you should feel pretty smug with yourself”.

Another piece of exciting news is that Cnet has a full review of one of my favorites, the Omnia, you can read it here. There conclusion is, to sum it up in my own words, they did not love it! Oh well.

The last piece of exciting news is that HTC now offers a full emulator of how the G1 is going to look and perform. You can access it here, but don’t forget to press the Emulator option and not just the 3D image of the G1.

That’s all folks! Nothing else to report now, besides of course that I spent some time in the new Israel Apple store and had a great afternoon looking at things I will probably never be able to afford. It just seemed more fun then spending the afternoon in the flea market!

Just to end off on a positive note, check out this hands-on video of the Nokia Tube…



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