Is Facebook Saving the Web that SEO Destroyed?

If you know anything about SEO, you know that it’s all about relevancy. Succeeding in SEO means following the best SEO practices and increasing link popularity in order to “persuade” the search engine bots that your site is truly relevant to a given set of keywords. While a small fraction of SEO projects involve fixing the technical kinks on a site that would otherwise get rankings, most campaigns are about manipulating the bots and gaming the algorithm into associating your site with your keywords.


Top 5 Ways To Optimize your Twitter Network

As you know, I am a big believer in Twitter and its potential as the future of online communication. You should also know that Twitter can help you achieve a lot of your goals, but contrary to popular belief, Twitter is not a magical solution. One cannot join Twitter and expect immediate results without investing substantial amounts of time building up your network. However, the next question asked by every person on Twitter at some point or another, is how do I build up my network? How do I get more followers?


RankAbove: A True SEO Miracle

If this blog has taught me anything, it has taught me how powerful search engines are and specifically Google. All it takes is a high ranking on Google and you can become a very successful site within no time. Now I have to admit, I know close to nothing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) besides that every website needs it. If you do not know what SEO is, basically, it is the method used to optimize websites in order to achieve a higher ranking on Google.