Exclusive Interview with Richard Barley: Community Manager of Tweetdeck

Working as Community Manager for a company with millions of users is not a simple task. You need to walk the fine line of being overly professional and therefore boring, and on the flip side, too personal and amateurish. Richard Barley, the Community Manager of Tweetdeck does this perfectly. Anyone who has ever had a question about Tweetdeck knows they can ask him on Twitter and except a response within seconds. Richard keeps his audience interested and displays a high level of professionalism in his work.


Seesmic Buys ping.fm! Blasts your Tweets to 50 Social Networks

Ever since I joined Twitter pretty much, there has been an ongoing debate as to the best 3rd party client to access your tweets. For you newbies out there, let me explain what the heck I am talking about. Twitter? Ever hear of it? Well, it is all based on an ultra simplistic website called Twitter.com, upon which an entire industry was built. Among the endless Twitter services out there, the most important is the actual software you use to access Twitter.com.


How Social Media Completely Changed Overnight

One of the most common questions people have asked me about Twitter (besides of course “why do I care what you’re doing?”) is how on earth I follow so many people. The question is a valid one since at a following count of over 4,000 people and counting, it is not humanly possible to read every tweet, every thought, or every link that those people share. The basic premise of following people on Twitter is that you are at least somewhat interested in what they have to say, so the question of how I follow them all is a good one.


Ten Things you Must Know before Using Twitter

As I thought about the next topic for a blog post, I could not help but get drawn back to Twitter. It is what interests most of my readers, and the truth be told, it is what interests me. This week, Twitter experienced a game-changing event. My wife joined! The reason I mention my wife joining is because when she joined, I started to realize that there are some very basic terms that are unknown to new Twitter users and are not explained well anywhere. I figured I would take the task upon myself to explain to the millions of the people out there who will be joining Twitter over the next year or two, what they need to know.