All Time Funniest YouTube Video

I think it is safe to say that I spend a significant amount of time on the Web and a high percentage of it watching videos. I have watched quite a few YouTube videos in my time, and although I first saw this video years ago, it remains my favorite video of all time. This guy really sums up our tech generation perfectly. Please share some of your favorite Youtube videos in the comments.


How YouTube Made United Airlines Beg for Forgiveness

If you have not yet heard this story, you must read the first post “The Power of Social Media; United Breaks Guitars”. Long story short, a country singer from Canada had his $3,500 guitar smashed to bits by the staff of United Airlines. He pleaded with them to compensate him, only to be met with a full year of bureaucratic processes, which all led to a big fat “NO”. At this point, he threatened them that he would produce 3 YouTube videos that will tell the story and distribute them using social media. They of course laughed at this threat.


The Future of Online Video

I am not sure if something else like this exists, but it is a pretty cool concept, which I think could totally dominate the online video space. The possibilities are endless, just think about a company using interactive video to market their product, I have some pretty awesome ideas.


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