Wow, Who Knew Microsoft Could Make Great Ads?

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I am pleasantly surprised by Microsoft’s marketing team. They actually did a good job with this ad.


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4 thoughts on “Wow, Who Knew Microsoft Could Make Great Ads?

  1. Yeah, I noticed that this ad was actually effective for a change. Still, you have to wonder whether or not it plays right into Apple’s hands. After all, they’ve consistently branded themselves as the premium computer company and this ad basically reinforces that branding. Even in this economy, you don’t see Apple slashing prices on any of their products.

  2. And it’s the “in this economy” that’s going to see Apple market share sliding, at least in the home computing realm. Choice between a laptop with full-size keyboard, 17″ screen, 4G ram, 260G hard drive for $700 or an equivalent Mac for $1500, which do you think is going to win when people are worried about making their house payment next month?

    This ad highlights the price disparity in a fun way. It shows that you can get a good laptop for under a grand, but not if you’re going with a Mac.

  3. Yeah, they probably will lose market share, but my point is that maybe they don’t care about that. I know that Apple paints a very compelling comeback story and it’s great to see them at 10% these days, but if you listen to what Steve Jobs has actually said about the way he views the company, I don’t think he, or the other executives at Apple, care about those numbers. They see themselves as the BMW’s of the computer world and BMW doesn’t really care that Toyota has higher market share.

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