Five Features Missing from Droid’s GPS

The tech world has been non stop talking about Motorola’s new Droid device. There is no doubt it is an exciting new development in the smartphone arena, and it will definitely raise the bar for the future of the mobile space. If I had to choose one feature of the Droid that is making the most amount of noise, it would have to be Google’s new turn by turn GPS app available for Android 2.0 devices.


Five Reasons Droid Will Not Kill the iPhone

Seems like every month or two another iPhone killer is released. First it was the BlackBerry Storm, which turned out to be such a bad device, the only thing it ended up killing was itself. Then there was the Palm Pre, which did not even threaten the iPhone’s thrown in the least bit. There are of course many other devices along the way that caused people to throw out the overly used and ridiculous “iPhone Killer” title.


Location Based Services: Where Are They Now?

When location-based services were first introduced in 2001, one of the primary applications of this technology was pinpointing the locations of wireless callers when they called emergency response centers. Many other uses for this technology were envisioned at the time, all with one major caveat: user adoption. Until a significant portion of consumers had phones that contained such technology, developers could not truly capitalize on the power of location-based services.