Shape Services Continues to Amaze

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I am going to do something a little differently in the post and not discuss a new product or a new technology. I want to talk to you about a company that I have been in contact with over the past few months. The company is Shape Services and they make some very innovative applications such as IM+, Mobiola Web Camera for Blackberry, and their newest addition, RDM+. Now, I have had the chance to try out all of these apps on different platforms, and they all pretty much rock, but like I said, I want to talk about the company as a whole and not just their products.

Shape Services has made a name for themselves in the industry with their award winning instant messaging software IM+, which works on multiple mobile platforms, including iPhone, Blackbery, Android, Windows Mobile, J2ME, and Symbian. It is one of the most useful apps I use on a regular basis, and what makes Shape Services such an amazing company is that they never rest. As you know I conducted a thorough review of the IM+ app on the iPhone and just days after my initial review, I was notified that a new version was released with some very serious enhancements. The new version includes an awesome Twitter interface and some other very important improvements. Today they released a newer version with push notifications, something only available as of iPhone OS 3.0.


Shape Services release new products more often than any other company I know of in this industry and each one manages to amaze with its innovation and implementation of new technologies. Another example of that is RDM+, which enables you to control your desktop from your iPhone. It took a little setting up and it is not perfect yet, but seeing my desktop on my iPhone and being able to perform almost any action from the iPhone blew my mind.

To me, one of the most important things I look at when encountering a new company is its staff and their responsiveness. I spoke about that with Snaptu, and it is true about Shape Services as well. I communicate with a member of their staff by the name of Elena Dyatlova on a regular basis, and she is always willing to help in any way possible, whether it be to answer questions, to let me know of a new product, or to put me in touch with support when necessary.


Shape Services impresses me in every possible way, and all I can say is if they keep pushing out new releases and products, they will continue to grow as the industry leading software developer they have become. If you have a phone of pretty much any kind, you should definitally go visit their site and see if they offer any applications that spark your interest.


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