8 Reasons to Consider an iPhone Over A BlackBerry

One of the few disadvantages of the mobile advancements we are making is that consumers get bored of their mobile device after a very short period of time, or when the newer model comes out, whichever happens first. This is true for a lot of people I know, and it is true for me as well. On the flip side, when I get a new phone, I generally spend the first week or two getting to know the phone, and it is usually accompanied by excitement and enthusiasm about my new device.


Two Important Microsoft Videos

The last 24 hours have brought us two very important Microsoft videos. The first is the next ad in the “I’m A PC” series. Not sure who got hired/fired over there, but lately, Microsoft seems to have made some serious changes in their marketing strategies. To put it more simply, they are making good ads.


A Game Changing iPhone Accessory

There is not much preventing me from making an iPhone my next phone. I might wait till the next version, but I am pretty sure I have come to the conclusion, that its hype was and is justified. However, there is still one thing holding me back.