Above the Fuld: This Week’s Tech News (Oct 2nd-9th)

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By: Hillel Fuld

This week will most definitely go down in the books as the most monumental week in its effect on the tech industry. Except, I mean that in the worst possible way. We lost the father of tech, the legendary Steve Jobs, and many industries will never be the same.

The following are the posts I wrote throughout the week, some about Jobs, some about the iPhone 4S, and some about completely unrelated tech news:


MY PERSONAL TRIBUTE TO STEVE JOBS: Not an easy post to write

Rumors of App Rentals Coming to iOS: Well the Apple keynote came and went and no mention of app rentals, but that doesn’t mean we won’t see them in the near future.

The iPhone 4S Keynote Summarized in a 6 Very Funny Minute Video: This guy definitely has a talent of making geeky news funny, even very funny.

iPhone Siri Concept Video: Well this video did not end up being too far from reality, Siri is awesome.

All the iPhone 5 Rumors in 3 Infographics: There were plenty of rumors going around, these graphics summed em up pretty nicely.

Siri in Action!! Welcome to the future.

Jobs is Gone, but the Stories Keep Flowing in: Some of the best Jobs stories and posts written about the man soon after his passing.

One of Steve Jobs’ Last Video Interviews: Besides being one of his last, it was also one of his all time best interviews.

Jobs Talks about Mobile Ads: A short video of Steve Jobs talking about mobile advertising.

A funny Parody iPhone 4S Ad: Might be a little much, but still funny, kind of.


Skype Incorporates Ads into iOS Apps: Skype joins the long list of names of developers who use ads to keep their apps free or cheap.


Just How Strong is the Facebook Effect? An eye opening video if I ever saw one


Kindle Fire and iPad Competitors? I say no! The Kindle Fire will never put out the iPad’s traction, and it is not trying to.

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