iPhone 6: Say Goodbye to Cracked Screens, Scratched Displays, or Color Distortion of Any Kind

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By: Hillel Fuld (@hilzfuld)

Listen up, folks. I am not a big fan of product leaks or Apple rumors. I mean, we all know that prior to every big Apple launch of any kind, the rumor mill goes into high gear. How often are those rumors accurate? Not very often…


But then there are some sources that you just know are reliable. Marques Brownlee is one such source. And this video of the iPhone 6 display is obviously legit so can we just put that behind us and discuss the topic at hand? Great.

According to many sources, the iPhone will introduce the first display on a mobile phone made out of sapphire crystal. It is also 4.7 inches. Why is this a big deal? Well, as far as the size is concerned, iPhone users will no longer have to have an inferiority complex when talking to their Android-using friends. I mean 4.7″ isn’t the biggest screen out there, not even close, but then again, the rumors are that this will be the smaller model of the two devices Apple is going to announce…

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.08.39 AM

Anyway, as for Sapphire crystal as opposed to the current Gorilla glass? Well, that is pretty huge. Why? You can watch the video to find out but as far as durability is concerned, um, this thing will not break. No, really, it refuses to break.

Scratches on your phone’s display after leaving it in your pocket with your keys? Phhh so 2013! Seriously, watch the video, it is pretty wild.

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 9.10.32 AM

What is most interesting to me is that Apple has been known to follow and not lead when it comes to new technologies. They are rarely first to do something. 3G, 4G, NFC, and many other things we take for granted now, only came relatively late to Apple’s product-lin, if at all! Then there are things like this, the level of premium build-quality that goes into products… On that front, Apple definitely leads and always has!

And we can expect Samsung to release their own Sapphire display in 3…2…

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