The Marware Eco-Vue is the Mother of All iPad Cases

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One of the direct results of a new tech product being released on the market is the birth of many industries to support the new toy. This is true for new popular mobile phones, it is true for computers, and it is definitely true for a product like the iPad. The iPad accessories industry is booming with hundreds if not thousands of sites dedicated exclusively to iPad accessories.

When I ordered the iPad, it was only natural to order a few accessories with it. I ordered the Apple Bluetooth keyboard, just in case I could not get used to typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard, and I ordered (or tried to at least) the official Apple case for its new tablet computer. It is now a month later and I do not have either one of those accessories in my possession.

As for the keyboard, I recently sold it to a friend after realizing that I did not need it as the iPad keyboard was perfect for me, and that there was no way to carry the thing around without bringing another bag specifically for the keyboard. So I got rid of it, but not because it was not an awesome product, it was, I just did not need it. “It’s not you, it’s me”.

Moving along, the Apple case, much like the iPad itself is sold out throughout the US. The store at which I got the iPad did not have the case, nor did any of the tens of stores I asked friends to check for me. It was not possible to get my hands on one. Now, a month later, I could not be happier that that was the case (no pun intended).

After I could not get the Apple case, I started doing a little research about iPad cases and what was recommended by users. I came across a few great cases, but in my checks, one case really stood out from the crowd, the Marware Eco-Vue, so I decided to go ahead and get one.

It took me some time to actually get it, but when I did, I was impressed from the second I opened it. Now, to those who do not own an iPad or do not understand why I even need a case, a quick explanation. Much like the iPod Touch and the iPhone, the iPad is not much more than one big screen. The screen is everything. The device itself is very thin and can easily be dropped, which would not produce good results I imagine.

The iPad is a beautiful device and one that, assuming you went out and spent your money acquiring, want to protect. If you have an iPad and are not using a case, it is an accident waiting to happen and as soon as you finish reading this review, I recommend you buy one immediately.

OK, so I needed a case, and Apple’s was nowhere to be found. So I found the Marware case, ordered it, unboxed it, and was in love. How could I be in love with a stupid case? Well, the Marware Eco Vue not only protects the iPad from all sides and gives you a significantly better grip on the device so as to prevent it from slipping out of your hands, it also actually makes it nicer than it already was.

That was one of the things I was looking for in a case. I did not want something that would ruin the good looks of the iPad and that is why the Apple case is so popular in my opinion. It is minimalistic in a way only Apple knows how to do, but it is functional and does not add any thickness to the iPad. However, the Marware case one ups the Apple case in that it does all that plus a whole lotta features.

Now to be honest, I have never written a review of a case before, but so many people on Twitter (follow me here) asked me my opinion on the matter, I figured I would give it a shot.

The following is a list of all the features offered by the Marware Eco-Vue iPad case:

  • Beautiful Eco Friendly Leather Exterior: This is not something that is easily put into words since you gotta see it to believe it, but the outside of this case is made with seriously high standards. The leather is clearly high quality and when it is closed, this case provides the ability to walk around in public with your iPad without looking like a complete douche.
  • Suede Interior: While the outside of the Eco-Vue is a nice black leather, the inside is a grey suede-like material. Truth be told, I did not check if it is real (I think it is) because I honestly do not care. It is extremely elegant looking and provides a great feel when the case is open. It also happens to look extremely striking and stylish.
  • Kick Stand: This is something I believe Apple should have added to the iPad itself, obviously in a very simple way so it does not affect the beauty of the iPad. One of the biggest complaints I, and many others, have with the iPad is that typing on it could get awkward. I am not referring to the keyboard, which is awesome, but rather the angle at which it lays, or lack thereof. It lays flat and to type, you need an angle. The Eco-Vue has a magnetic kick stand that puts the iPad at the absolute perfect angle for typing and when you are not using it, it simply disappears into the case using a magnet. Brilliant implementation on the part of Marware.
  • Hand Strap: Another one of the complaints people have is that the device is hard to use when you’re standing up. The Eco-Vue has a place into which you can insert your hand and it enables you to hold the device in a very comfortable and effective manner. This is the kinda thing that people see and say “Oooh. now THAT is smart”. Gets that reaction every time.
  • Elastic Strap: One of the major issues with the Apple case is that it is always open, no way to lock it. The Marware Eco-Vue has a great elastic strap that enables you to lock the device when it is closed as well as open. You simply put the strap over both sides of the case and it is locked in that position. Once again, a perfect addition to the case that does not in any way take away from its looks. I do wonder however, if this strap is strong enough to last… I guess we’ll know that by the time the iPad 2 comes out.
  • Flexibility: So we already addressed the typing angle that the Eco-Vue offers, but what about watching movies or viewing pictures? You can do that too with this case and stand it up in landscape or portrait mode, although this is not done with any kick stand or addition, you just open the case and stand it up. While it does feel secure and I have already watched movies like this, there is nothing stopping it from falling over with the slightest accidental push, so this is something that could have been done better.

All in all, I could not be happier with the Eco-Vue and every single iPad owner that has seen it, without exception, has been impressed to the point that they said they want to get one. The case is a little bit more expensive than the Apple case, with the Apple case costing $40 and this one $45, but even if it was $20 more, it would be worth it in my opinion.

What iPad case are you using? Are you happy with it? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “The Marware Eco-Vue is the Mother of All iPad Cases

  1. Thanks for sharing! We love Marware Eco-Vue as well. Probably one of the top iPad case in the market today.

  2. I never even bothered with the Apple case, and got the Marware right off the bat and have recommended it to a couple of friends as well.

    One drawback: the kickstand snaps into place because of two magnets in the feint cover. This means your compass will never work correctly. So I eventually cut them out, which let’s the kickstand flop around a bit, but…

    If you’re moving and have a 3G, GPS can give you a heading, but it’s not really a compass.

  3. I received my iPad as a gift and with it the apple case. It seems to do the grace when it comes to protection. It also has the angle setting for typing -very comfortable (using it now). All in all it works for me although the Marware looks classier I must say.

    What screen guard do you use?

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