What Lies Beneath the iPhone/Nexus One Question

I hesitated for days before writing this post because this topic is just so overblogged already that it has gotten borderline boring. Having said that, I am now strongly considering replacing my Bold with an iPhone 3Gs, and almost everyone that has heard that has asked me the same question: “Why not get the Google phone?” As I write this post, I honestly do not know the reasons that will appear below as for why I am not going to get a Nexus One, but one thing is for sure, I am not.


The Real Reason No Current Phone Can Kill The iPhone

If you have been paying attention, you surely know by now that the competition between the major mobile players will be won by the player who offers the best software experience. I have written about this on many occasions, so I will not go into it again, but let’s just say that razer thin does not matter anymore, what matters is user experience, operating system, and most importantly quantity and quality of available apps.


5 Exciting Mobile Phones Not Made by Apple

As I was browsing through my content over the past few months, I realized that the vast majority of posts are about social media. In fact, if someone only recently started reading my blog, they would never know I was a mobile geek. The truth of the matter is there are mainly two reasons I have written mostly about social media and not mobile developments over the last few months. For starters, it is what interests people and it is what interests me. Social networks and the industry supporting them are evolving and changing daily in a major way. While the mobile industry is booming and there are new phones introduced hourly, there really is nothing new to speak of. The technology is really all the same, some phones have better processors, some better UIs, but all in all, nothing revolutionary. Social media on the other hand is renewing itself on a regular basis.


5 BlackBerry Issues I Would Not Have On An iPhone

I have to say, I am really torn on this issue. I change my mind every day. Basically, I love the Bold and it pretty much gives me anything and everything I need from a phone. I use Twitter and Facebook regularly with both apps running in the background and fully integrated into my Bold’s messaging system. That means I am notified about every new reply or DM immediately as well as any Facebook event I choose to know about. The GPS on the Bold is blazing fast and picks up the satellite within seconds. The email system is unprecedented in its convenience, in fact, it is leaves you so connected at all times that I actually turn it off sometimes, to disconnect, something I never thought I would want to do.


Top Five BlackBerry Usability Tips

The first thing I do when using a new cellphone is get to know it as well as possible. I delve into the depths of its interface in an attempt to familiarize myself with all of its features and functionality. With “normal” phones I have used such as the Nokia N95 or the Samsung F480 (not comparing the two), this task can take up to a week. Ever since I started using my BlackBerry Bold, which is around 3 months ago, I have been trying to get to know the device, and the learning curve is not over yet. I am discovering new things about the Bold almost every day, some good and some very bad.


Top 5 BlackBerry Apps you Did Not Know About

If there is one place Apple has RIM beat, it is most definitely with it’s huge number of applications. While Apple’s App store is available globally, offers 60,000 apps, and has over 1.5 billion downloads, RIM’s number are far behind with the App World unavailable in most of the world. One of my major disappointments with my new BlackBerry was the fact that I could not install the App World, which made finding good apps a challenging task.


BlackBerry and Gmail: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Anyone who knows me personally, or has observed my practices when it comes to gadgets and technology, knows that I pay attention to small details. As you know, I recently began using a Blackberry Bold as my primary handset, and all in all, I am very happy with it. I wrote about my first impressions and why I am not trading it in for an iPhone. I wrote about my issues with RIM as a company and with Blackberry as a phone, but I felt a strong need to emphasize one serious issue with RIM’s offering.


8 Reasons to Consider an iPhone Over A BlackBerry

One of the few disadvantages of the mobile advancements we are making is that consumers get bored of their mobile device after a very short period of time, or when the newer model comes out, whichever happens first. This is true for a lot of people I know, and it is true for me as well. On the flip side, when I get a new phone, I generally spend the first week or two getting to know the phone, and it is usually accompanied by excitement and enthusiasm about my new device.


All about The BlackBerry Bold and its Top 10 Apps

When I first laid my hands on the BlackBerry Bold, my declared intention was to try it out and eventually sell it for a new iPhone 3Gs. After two weeks of intense use, I have completely changed my mind, and as of now, I am very much sticking with the Bold. The machine impressed me on every front. The keyboard beats anything I have ever encountered on a mobile device and the same goes for the screen. In fact, when watching a video on the Bold’s display, it amazes me every time how clear and vibrant the picture is.


Cellular Providers and Social Media

I am happy to report that after putting social media to the ultimate test, it passed, but unfortunately Cellcom did not. OK, here is the story. After writing that last blog post about how horrific Cellcom’s service has been, and after attempting to speak to a manager for months, I finally got the call. It did not take long, in fact it was around a half an hour after the post was published that I got a call from a senior manager in Cellcom apologizing for the whole ordeal and offering me a “new” phone for “free”.