Steve Jobs Vs. Tech N’ Marketing

Hi All,

A few days ago Hillel posted about the new Apple headphones, and we got many people responding to his blog post. One of the responses was a post by a gentleman named Brian. Here is his comment:

Author : Brian (IP: **********)
E-mail : ************
URL    :
Whois  : ********
Sorry, this is complete FUD.  Just as Roger noted above, check out the various other in-ear buds out there and you’ll find they are all above $79. Anything less than that is in another class of quality.

Why are you blaming Apple for this?  I guess the secret is out. Apple is working with vendors to price fix all ear bud systems, oh wait, they weren’t the first out with these….

Please, remove the bullseye from Apple and let’s get some real facts in here before you spread more FUD.


I am going to leave all comments regarding the content of the post aside and focus on who is posting. I believe the person who posted this comment is a representative of the Apple corporation. If you look at the IP address, it tracks back to Apple Inc.  If this is so, I am very disappointed with Brian’s unwillingness to tell us who he represents. It is truly unacceptable for Apple to be doing this.

Using tactics of Guerrilla marketing are often times necessary, but it needs to be done correctly:

Brian had some very big beginner’s mistakes:

1. Mask your freakin IP address! Come on everyone know that WordPress tracks your IP.

2. Don’t use terminology that only people from the industry use, like FUD .  The Average Joe has no idea what FUD means.

3. Only use Guerrilla marketing when necessary – we are just some guys writing a blog about interesting stuff we come across and we write how we feel about it. DUDE, we are not your make it or break it point. Thanks for taking interest in us but look elsewhere.

I hope you own up to your comment and provide an explanation. Again, this is not about the content of the blog post or the comment (which is quite nasty) but rather about Brian and who he represents.


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Are The “Hippies” Taking it Too Far?


Alright, before I start I just want to make it very clear that I care much about the environment and I try to recycle as much as I can. We just got a recycling bin near our house so I will start sending my bottles in, but I will NOT start recycling my elephant poo. Yes, that is correct a company called The Great Elephant Poo Paper has begun making products from elephant stool. I really couldn’t believe it when I saw the site, but its for real. You can buy a whole bunch of products from the site that is made out of recycled elephant crap. I just want to leave off my saying, “to each his own”



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Hello World!

Hello World,

I’m Aryeh. Im not quite sure who I am blogging for or what I am blogging about but we will call this a “work in progress.”

Over the course of the day I tend to read about 3-5 online newspapers, in addition to my RSS reader in which I have around 10 marketing blogs and 15 tech and Mac blogs. (Yes I am Mac user.) I am a gadget freak and I love innovation and technology. I will try to post about interesting stories that I pick up on during the day and other random things that I encounter through my life.

I work as a Marketing Manager for a company called Payoneer. We are a startup that is growing really quickly and what I’m working on right now is to try to bring the company’s image from the regular startup to the “cool web 2.0” company.

What is a “cool web 2.0” company? In my head it is companies that:

  1. Allows, engages and encourages personal relationship with the customer
  2. Use social, viral, internet and alternative marketing
  3. Offer a really neat and great service in a customer oriented way

Examples of a few are Ning, Wetpaint, Wix, Webook.
I will try to post examples to illustrate my unfinished definition.

Presently I am spending most of my time working on online communities, blogs, bloggers and all kinds of social and web marketing. The company has really focused on R&D in the past years to get our platform to where it is today, but little to no attention has been spent on brand development and image. It is not a easy task to start something from nothing but it is certainly a challenge. The challenge mainly consists of dealing with priorities, the word slows down my ideas and projects. As much as the word urks me, in the framework of a startup it is the way things need to be done to enable the fulfillment of the end goal.

To leave off with a great YouTube video about YouTube. It really is quite fascinating to see how a user generated content site is changing online and offline culture. Its long but its really worth the time.

That’s all for now.

Have a good one,